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Here you will find our latest specials and new arrivals!

Periodically, we get in new welding accessory arrivals!  This is state-of-the-art welding accessories for welders who like to stay on the cutting edge, or just want to upgrade their current welding equipment.  Here you will find the latest items we have to offer!  Each month, new welder's accessories are presented here, along with some specials from time to time.

So if you have been using the same welding equipment for quite awhile, drop on in & check out the latest welding equipment and supplies we have.  You may be glad you did!

 New Addition!


    Constructed from durable thermoplastic, this welding helmet boasts a lightweight and ergonomic design. It offers superior protection against impact, heat, scratches, and cracks. The flip front lens allows for convenient viewing while welding, and can be replaced with any 2" x 4.25" filter lens, including the AGCLAIRVOYANT3.0, AGMAGE, AGARCANE, and AGSEER2X4. It meets both ANSI and CSA non-conductive and impact standards, as well as EN379 requirements, making it a reliable and high-quality choice for any welding task.